About me

My name is Nikoline Christiansen, I’m 23 years old and currently studying to become a multimedia designer at KEA in Northwest. I was born and raised in Frederiksberg and are now living just a few blocks away from my childhood home. People would say that I am always happy and smiling, and that I make a point of making others feel at ease and welcome in my presence.

I have for many years worked with both people and in the service industry, so I know a lot about how to control different personalities and how to approach them. I know how to always keep my head cool and still provide the best service I can.
Additionally, I have worked for many years as a student assistant at Okaysion Graphic Design, where I among other things have helped a lot with everything from brochures / advertisements setups for proofreading and translations. Sometimes I was offered to join in on the idea generating process and in various customer presentations.

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